Semester One

Welcome to Psych

Chex Controvert finds himself at Psych University and meets his flatmate, Turnus. Things will never be the same again.

TRIVIA: The first ever Rooms storyline. First appearance of Chex, Turnus and Rebecca's Elbow. First suggestion of Turnus' gambling habits (poster in background).

The Parrot

Prof Elevator tricks Chex into adopting the university's parrot... with hilarious consequences.

TRIVIA: First appearances of both Prof Elevator and the Parrot. First appearance of the Parrot's doctor persona.

Star Pupil

Elite Star finds herself kicked out of chemistry, after turning a classmate into a frog.

TRIVIA: First appearance of Elite Star.


Our heroes start their first day at the University of Psych. Some more successfully than others.

TRIVIA: The first storyline that I drew as well as wrote. MH's first appearance. First appearance of the parrot's lecturer persona.

Let's Party

Chex attempts to arrange a party.

TRIVIA: First appearance of the Immortal. First 'in the dark' strip.

Magnetic [Pick of the Semester]

Chex becomes magnetic after Elite Star tests her latest concoction on him. Hilarity ensues.

TRIVIA: This Semester's pick is courtesy of the ever-awesome philby4000 who described it as 'a classic'. Crazy G's first appearance. Start of recurring toaster gag.   

Semester Two


The secret of why Turnus always wears the same shirt is finally revealed, sending the Parrot and Chex off on a thrilling mission to uncover a deadly villain.

TRIVIA: The 50th Strip appears in this storyline. First time we see what Crazy G really looks like. First appearance of the Parrot's detective persona. First appearance of “The Fish Files”.

The Chalice [Pick of the Semester]

A ghostly encounter sends Chex on a quest through time.

TRIVIA: My original plan for this story was to have Chex sent forward in time! Dove's first appearance. First reference to Scott Bakula. This is my Semester's pick, really. It features time travel, ties in with the ghost lift thing and has a twist at the end which I was really quite pleased with at the time.

Brave New World

Chex acclimatises himself to the changes in reality, caused by his trip through time.

TRIVIA: Features a reference to Joe of “Fried” fame. First appearance of angel/devil characters.


Trying not to fail has never been so fun!

TRIVIA: I had hair on my head when I wrote this one. And when I drew it. In fact, I still have hair on my head. Hooray! (Trivia inspired by Zero72)

Summer 2005

Chex Appeal

Chex finds himself without anywhere to live for the summer and turns to the mysterious 'suicide girl' for assistance.

TRIVIA: This storyline features the 100th Strip. First Appearance of Jules.

Coconut Shells [Pick of the Summer]

The Parrot reveals the shocking story of his war years to his psychiatrist.

TRIVIA: Features Rooms' first ever guest-strip week. This another one of my picks. A flashback story that reveals what made the Parrot the way he is, with all kinds of twists and turns along the way. Probably my favourite Rooms story of all time.

To Russia with Steve

Steve heads to the Nintechnology Conference in Russia, with MH, in an attempt to regain his humanity.   

TRIVIA: Nintendo didn't really hold a Nintechnology Conference in Russia.   

Star System

Elite Star returns home for the summer.

TRIVIA: First appearance of Star's father and brother.

Bird Brain

Chex and Rebecca have a crazy summer... doing very little.

TRIVIA: The first real introduction to Rebecca's personality. In the earlier story, I didn't really establish her character as well.

Semester One


Chex and MH find themselves living together, much to their mutual disgust.

TRIVIA: First time Chex's eyebrow is explicitly mentioned.

Parrot Apathy

The Parrot meets a potential date online, in this crossover with Andrew Taylor's “Apathy”.

TRIVIA: Parts Two and Four of this crossover.

Dreams Work

Elite Star creates a machine to bring items from dreams into the real world. Unfortunately, she tests it on G.

TRIVIA: Features a semi-cameo of Mac from “Fried”, well before the hamburger joined the cast for real.

The cheX files [Pick of the Semester]

Chex gets a job working on hit TV show, “The Fish Files”.

TRIVIA: A poll in the Rooms forum was responsible for choosing what Ena Ribe would look like. The all-green ensemble won by a landslide. Ena Ribe is a pun on Ribena. This is the pick of the semester, mainly because I think it's one of my finest comedy-centred storylines. Chex at his most likeable.   

Trouble and Strife

Turnus returns to help the Parrot defeat an old adversary.

TRIVIA: The door leading to the head of Strife has “3V17” on the door. This is meant to look a bit like “EVIL”. Freud didn't really try to kill his father with a snake.

Semester Two

Two Men in a Lift

Chex and MH find themselves stuck in a lift together and hilarity comes leaping in like Sam Beckett in that show about the guy.

TRIVIA: The secret behind Chex's eyebrow chink – Finally Revealed! I think I may have been partially inspired by that bit in Monkey Island 1 where Guybrush fights Fester Shinetop for some of this story.

P is for Premonition

Chex finds himself thrust into a terrifying vision of the future.

TRIVIA: The start of this storyline was an attempt of mine to try and give the strip a new art style. As a result of this, Chex, rather bizarrely, imagines Dove with lips. The full style lessened each strip until it merged with my original style. This was the kind of storyline that I'd wanted to do since the early days of Rooms (see 'The Chalice' trivia) but deemed it as too ambitious back then.


Chex returns to the present and attempts to persuade the others of what he saw.

TRIVIA: Features the 200th Rooms Strip.

Dude, where's our G?

Resident stoners, Kristen and Jazzy, attempt to remember where they put their G.

TRIVIA: This storyline was inspired by two of my real-life flatmates at Uni, who asked for cameos. I decided to give them a whole story instead. Crazy G was also inspired by a friend of mine at Uni. Rather unsurprisingly, his name wasn't Crazy G. In fact, everyone in this story with the exception of the policeman with the moustache is based upon someone I knew.

The Calm

Chex goes to the cinema with MH and Dove in an attempt to distract himself from the upcoming threat.

TRIVIA: I don't know what film they got to see half of. But it sounds awesome!

The Storm

As the year draws to a close, Steve puts his terrifying plan for revenge into action.

TRIVIA: I think this story-arc is probably better than the Immortal one in Year 3. It develops from Year 1 and Steve is just a better enemy, somehow.

After the Rain has Gone

Chex reflects on recent events, with the help of an old friend.

TRIVIA: Originally, this storyline was going to be much longer, featuring Chex and Dove attempting to get Star's technology off of either her father or the police as well as trying to convince everyone that Star, MH and Steve aren't dead. In the end, I decided this wouldn't be very interesting so reduced it to a brief summing up by Chex.

Summer 2006

Feather Duster

Rebecca's Elbow recounts the tale of how she became human and wound up at Psych University.

TRIVIA: Probably the most peculiar Rooms storyline. Features a six-frame anniversary strip.

Through the Door [Pick of the Semester]

Elite Star comes to her senses, in a whole new dimension, with no memory of who she is.

TRIVIA: Turnus' alter-ego is called Aeneas. In the Aeneid, Turnus was the enemy of Aeneas. There is a grave to Anita Car in the background of the first strip that resembles the grave to Elite Star in the regular universe. This pick comes from Ben Paddon. Well, kind of. I offered him a choice of this or Doveless and he picked this. It's a tale of mistaken identity, amnesia and an evil alien race that threatens all humanity. And it's got jokes in there too!


MH finds himself in an alternative universe where he is still evil and Dove doesn't exist.

TRIVIA: Features cameos by Kristen and Pete the policeman, first seen in the “Dude, where's our G?” storyline.

Surface Value

Roving reporter, Drew Taylor, explores the wacky world of Fish Files star, Chex Controvert.

TRIVIA: Drew Taylor's name was inspired by Andrew Taylor (of Apathy fame) who once remarked that if someone called him Drew, he wouldn't know they were talking about him. Chex eats Crispyville Breakfast Treats in this storyline, watch the Rooms prequel movie to find out why.


MH and Elitia return to the regular universe, while Chex gets ready for another year at Uni.

TRIVIA: This storyline originally featured ninja battle robots. Okay, maybe it didn't. But that would've been cool.

Semester One


Chex and Rebecca meets their new flatmates.

TRIVIA: This storyline marked the start of my plan to incorporate more real-life inspired characters and storylines into Rooms. Many of the things that happen in Year 3 of Rooms occurred in my third year at Uni (which had finished, by the time this 'Year' began). I also attempted to polish up my art style.

Lessons II

More lesson related malarkeys with Chex and co.

TRIVIA: In this storyline, Rebecca's Elbow gets confused and thinks that MH's girlfriend is an actual dove. In “Doveless”, Reginald's Elbow gets confused and thinks that MH's girlfriend is an actual dove.

Reservoir Digestives

Jump manages to have a dream that successfully merges the plot of 'Reservoir Dogs' with her love for Digestives. Laughs-a-plenty.

TRIVIA: This storyline is in a special comic-book style format.

Lazy Days

Chex and the gang try and discover what lies behind a mysterious floating door.

TRIVIA: The title of this story is half of the popular student motto, “Lazy Days, Crazy Nights”. Semester 2 has the other half in the storyline, “Crazy Nights”. The 'floating door' thing is something that really happened to me while in the last year of Uni, I kid you not. Unlike Chex, we never did find out what was behind it.


To stop an old adversary being elected mayor of Psych, Chex and Elitia back a talking hamburger's rise to power.

TRIVIA: Mac Berg originally featured in Ben Paddon's “Fried”, which I co-wrote. When it ended, Ben gave me permission to use Mac in Rooms.   

Meat and Dove

MH struggles with his relationship with Dove.

TRIVIA: I have no trivia to give.

Chexmas Time

Chex attempts to arrange a Christmas party.

TRIVIA: This is the second time that Chex has missed a party that he arranged - the first was in the “Magnetic” storyline. Asil left the strip during this storyline after a poll in the forum to see who fans liked least of the new flatmates ended with her achieving all votes.

Semester Two

The Couple

When a mysterious couple appears, Chex, Jump and Sarah attempt to find out who they are and which of the pair is their new flatmate.
TRIVIA: The couple are an exaggeration on the cringe-worthy kind of behaviour that real life couples get up to, in plain view of absolutely everyone.

The Gamble

Chex gambles with his future to defeat an old enemy.

TRIVIA: This storyline is notorious among the Rooms community for featuring stuff.

School of Rock

After a string of mishaps, MH finds himself posing as a French archaeology teacher.

TRIVIA: Another story that is based in part on a true story. In my first year at Uni, me and a couple of girls accidentally got in the staff lift which went up to the area of the Uni reserved for lecturers, etc. Unlike MH, we didn't claim to be teachers.

Crazy Nights

The Rooms gang get up to more crazy antics... this time at night!

TRIVIA: The other half of the whole “Lazy Days, Crazy Nights” thing.


The Immortal begins to put his plan in to action, while the Rooms gang try to stop him.

TRIVIA: In this storyline, Jump remarks on the oddness of Sarah's name. In Chex's old town (see Rooms prequel), everyone but Chex had normal names and he was the odd one out. All the quotes in the last frame of this strip as Chex blacks out are the first lines said by various characters (or first lines they said to Chex). In the original plan for this story (Schemes/The Immortal), the Mac monument didn't even feature and Mac was killed by Crazy G.


Chex remembers various (previously unseen) moments from his three years at Psych University. 

TRIVIA: Most of these strips actually fit into the continuity in an exact point. For example, the first strip in the arc fits right after this strip. The 'Year 2: Semester 1' strip features a reference to 'Ralph'. Ralph was Chex's friend from his home town as seen in the Rooms prequel movie. I couldn't find a decent picture of a firefighter to copy for the last picture in this arc so I created a special Psych firefighter uniform, instead.

The Immortal

The Rooms gang pit their wits against the Immortal. But how do you stop a man who won't die?

TRIVIA: This storyline changed multiple times from planning to creation. Ultimately, I think it turned out pretty well, though. In an early plan, Chex got statue-fied!


As the rest of the Rooms gang attend their graduation, Jules fights to stop a major calamity.

TRIVIA: Graduation hat and gown are based on the genuine article. Kristen and Jazzy appear once again (although one of them is imagined here). The weapon did various different things through different stages of planning but its real power is not seen here (just its sabotage defence system).

Summer 2007


Chex and Rebecca run out of cash and have to resort to looking for jobs.

TRIVIA: This storyline features scathing social commentary and a change of font from old favourite Comic Sans.

Keeping the Peace

MH and Dove’s relationship begins to tear apart after Dove announces that she’s moving to Kyoto.

TRIVIA: Features the three-year anniversary strip. Last MH & Dove storyline. I originally planned that Dove would leave MH and that MH would become depressed and hit the bar but changed my mind halfway through and decided to give him his happy ending, instead.


Elite Star successfully brings Jules back to life. There’s only one problem… he’s still made of stone!

TRIVIA: After finally getting to be the hero, Jules goes back to being the comic relief in this story. Last appearance of Jules and Star’s brother.


Rebecca’s Elbow and her brother, the Parrot, find themselves facing execution after a wacky holiday goes horribly awry.

TRIVIA: The 400th Strip occurs during this storyline. Last appearance of the Parrot.

Broken Windows

Over in America, Jump reflects on life while staring through a window.

TRIVIA: This is a storyline where the idea I was drawing upon didn’t really warrant an entire story and as such, the story is kind of split in to two barely related sections with an IMNS strip serving as an intermission (as well as actually serving to bridge the two sections). The name ‘Broken Windows’ reflects this (the storyline’s original title was ‘Window Gazing’) Last Jump and Sarah story.

On the Box

Chex has once again found fame on TV, but his ex-girlfriend is after revenge.  

TRIVIA: From this story onwards, I decided to try a different layout and style. I think it worked pretty well. Last appearance of Ena Ribe.


In this final story, Rebecca’s Elbow returns to Psych and loose ends are wrapped up.

TRIVIA: Last Rooms storyline. Last appearance of Chex, Rebecca’s Elbow and Elite Star…. And that’s that. Turn off your computer and go to sleep!