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Chex Controvert
Chex Controvert Age: 21
D.O.B: 9th June 1986
First Appeared:
No. Appearances: 212
Credentials: First in English. 

About: Chex came from a town where he was essentially a nobody. In fact, he was probably less than that. His time at Psych University allowed him to get away from this image, meet new friends and expand his confidence. Admittedly, life over his three years at Uni wasn't always perfect but even the bad times only served to make him stronger. Chex also had a brief stint playing I.C Salmon's nephew on “The Fish Files”. Of the many foes he has faced, Chex ranks toasters as his greatest enemy.

Elitia Star
Elitia Star Age: 21
D.O.B: 25th April 1986
First Appeared:
No. Appearances: 87
Credentials: 2.1 in English.

About: Elite Star has a brilliantly scientific mind. Sadly for her, it has frequently lead to her downfall. Firstly costing her a place on the Chemistry course she was originally enrolled on and later the memory of her past. As a result of her amnesia, it is hard to know how her personality will redevelop. She spent a time in another universe, believing she was someone else and has since worked with her old friends to defeat an old enemy. Despite her undeniable moral goodness, technological prowess and upbeat demeanour, Star still feels that there is a fog of doubt and confusion hanging over her. She is currently living in the Star family home, along with her brother.

Rebecca's Elbow
Rebecca's Elbow Age: Young. Physically about 20-21.
D.O.B: Unknown.
First Appeared:
No. Appearances: 85
Credentials: 2.2 in Psychology.

About: Rebecca grew up, with tales of her brother's escapades ringing in her ears. As soon as she was free to leave the nest, this young parrot attempted to hunt down her brother. Unfortunately, after running foul of a wizard, she was turned into a human and found herself too embarrassed to talk to him directly. As a result of this, she enrolled in Psychology and spent a ludicrous amount of time trying to pluck up the courage to confront him. Later, with the help of Chex, she achieved this and has since become good friends with both. She has also begun to come to terms with her humanity, though will still choose birdseed over biscuits if confronted. She is currently living with Chex.

Reginald's Elbow
Reginald's Elbow Age: Very old.
D.O.B: Unknown
First Appeared:
No. Appearances:: 81
Credentials: Professor of Psychology (sacked)

About: Reginald's Elbow has had a fairly defiant attitude to him, from an early age. Enjoying to behave in a contradictory manner to that expected of him, he found his identity shattered after acquiring multiple personalities in the war. After a long period of time as Professor of Psychology at Psych University, he was sacked after he lost his various personas and with them their knowledge. He is currently living the easy life, which tends to involve flying around wearing a variety of different hats, but is ready to leap into action should the need for a feathered hero ever arise.

Meat Hook
Meat Hook Age: 22
D.O.B: 10th December 1984
First Appeared:
No. Appearances: 78
Credentials: 2.1 in Psychology.

About: Full details of Meat Hook's past are not currently known but it is clear that whatever happened during his youth, it couldn't have been much of a picnic. When he started at Psych University, he fell in with the wrong crowd (namely Steve) and was initially an enemy to Chex and company. Since then, he has found love with Dove, become friends with Chex and turned from an idiotic, destructive individual into a positive and lively member of society. His tendency to wear an eyepatch as a fashion statement, however, shows that he has no sense of style whatsoever.

Turnus Age: 21
D.O.B: 14th September 1985
First Appeared:
No. Appearances: 46
Credentials: Dropped out of Uni.

About: Good natured and lively, but irresponsible, Turnus was Chex's flatmate and friend during his first year at Uni. After failing to attend his lectures and spending all his money in the local casino, he was forced to drop out. He has since become a government agent, and it was in this role that he returned to Psych University to help the Parrot defeat the criminal mastermind behind Strife Industries. He is unlikely to feature in Chex's life again, anytime soon, but who knows where else he might pop up.

Dove Psychington
Dove Psychington Age: 21
D.O.B: 21st July 1986
First Appeared:
No. Appearances: 40
Credentials: Gaming Degree

About: Dove was never meant to exist. However, life isn't always so simple and due to Chex messing around with the space time continuum, she does. A close friend and former flatmate of Chex's, she is currently dating Meat and attempting to master the art of completing Street Fighter 2 with every character simultaneously.