Jul 29 2007 - Jun 06 2007

Return to regular service
Posted by Utterly Mad on Jul 29 2007 at 12:10pm.

Success! I managed to reach an agreement with the shapes so Rooms will return on Monday. As for the agreement, I'm now going to be posting weekly "It Makes No Sense!" strips on Sundays, again, starting today so go over there - link! - and check it out.

And that's a wrap!

What the Dickens?!
Posted by Utterly Mad on Jul 28 2007 at 01:31am.

They've hijacked Rooms. Those damn dirty shapes! I should've known better than to give them their own flash series. Now, they've got delusions of grandeur.

I'll try and see if I can sort them out by Sunday. Either here or on their own site but it may be tricky. We'll see.

It Makes No Sense: Episode 2
Posted by Utterly Mad on Jul 15 2007 at 05:52pm.

Yup. After many a long month, a new IMNS flash episode is online, view it here and when you're done watching, go comment!

You know it makes sense!

Jump to it!
Posted by Utterly Mad on Jul 06 2007 at 02:47pm.

Ben Paddon's long-planned new webcomic, Jump Leads, has finally gone live and can be viewed at It's a British sci-fi comedy that should appeal to anyone who likes programmes like Doctor Who, Quantum Leap or Red Dwarf. Also, I'll be writing an issue for later in the year. Which should be fun.

Catherine Tate is Fourth Series Who Companion
Posted by Utterly Mad on Jul 03 2007 at 11:21pm.


No Wednesday Rooms
Posted by Utterly Mad on Jun 28 2007 at 12:04am.

Appologies for the lack of Rooms, this wednesday. I'm still trying to figure out which storyline to choose, character designs and stuff like that. Rest assured, there will be a new strip up on Friday (my birthday!) and I'll see if I can get an extra one up over the weekend (no promises though).

Posted by Utterly Mad on Jun 21 2007 at 04:55pm.

Rooms may be a bit late, this Friday, meaning it'll be up late afternoon/evening on Friday, instead of midnight tonight. Just a heads up.

Rooms is Three!
Posted by Utterly Mad on Jun 13 2007 at 11:57pm.


More later.

The Apathetic world of Andrew Taylor
Posted by Utterly Mad on Jun 11 2007 at 10:23pm.

I was visiting Andrew Taylor's website, earlier today, when I realised that he's done a new Apathy strip. Click here to check it out. Also, he's started a new comic called Henchmen which can be viewed here.

Apathy was part of the long dormant Psycheverse triumvirate that also comprised of Rooms and Fried. As Henchmen could also quite easily fit into this universe, I'm taking this as a sign that the Psycheverse is about to make a heroic comeback. While the skeptical among you will say this is utter nonsense and that the strips I've linked to weren't even posted that recently, I will respond to this criticism by putting my fingers in my ears and yelling "LA LA LA. I can't hear you."

That means I win.

New Server!
Posted by Utterly Mad on Jun 06 2007 at 08:59pm.

Yep. Rooms has moved on to a brand new server. The webspace is still kindly provided by worMatty, the host with the most, so a big shout out to him. Everything should be working but if you have any problems, e-mail me or Sup (or post on the forum) and we'll get to work fixing whatever the problem is (although to be honest, it'll probably be Sup fixing it and not me). Anyway, that's about it. Keep on rocking!

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